I have just published Amanuensis on GitHub:

Amanuensis is a clustered IndexWriter for Infinispan which leverages JGroups’ channel multiplexing to stream index changes from slave nodes to a master node.

To use Amanuensis, add the appropriate dependency to your pom.xml:


You also need to tell Infinispan to use Amanuensis’ JGroups channel lookup which enables muxed transport of messages.

		<transport clusterName="cluster">
				<property name="channelLookup" value="net.dataforte.infinispan.amanuensis.backend.jgroups.MuxChannelLookup" />

In your code you need to initialize an instance of AmanuensisManager and obtain an InfinispanIndexWriter for each InfinispanDirectory you want to write to as follows:

import net.dataforte.infinispan.amanuensis.AmanuensisManager;
import net.dataforte.infinispan.amanuensis.IndexerException;
import net.dataforte.infinispan.amanuensis.InfinispanIndexWriter;

AmanuensisManager amanuensisManager = new AmanuensisManager(cacheManager);
InfinispanIndexWriter indexWriter = amanuensisManager.getIndexWriter(directory);

You then invoke methods on the InfinispanIndexWriter from any node and it will send changes to the Infinispan’s coordinator which will apply them to the directory. Index operations can also be batched together:


InfinispanIndexWriter is thread safe in that multiple threads can send batches individually.

The project’s site (together with JavaDocs) is available at:


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