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Canyon: cleaning up

I am currently cleaning up the various Canyon SPIs (Service Provider Interface) so that the canyon object which is exposed to the scripts now has a standard interface for the various methods therein (show(), hide(), get(), etc). Next up is writing the much needed documentation, tutorial and website. I’ll try to do that when I release 0.6.0


Canyon Core 0.5.1

I released Canyon Core 0.5.1 today. It is available either from the Dataforte Maven Repository at http://www.dataforte.net/listing/maven/releases/ and tagged in SVN at https://canyon.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/canyon/tags/canyon-core/canyon-core-0.5.1/

This is the first stable release of Canyon Core, and I’ve put quite a bit of work into it over the past few years. Releases of Canyon Echo2, Canyon Cooee and Canyon Echo3 will follow shortly.


Canyon: more JSR-223 and the SimpleBindings

In order to make the widgets available as object during script execution, I have extended javax.script.SimpleBindings so that I lookup keys in the widget hierarchy before handing it down to the backing map by overriding the get() method. This was how I did it when using the Groovy implementation directly. I have discovered that javax.script requires that I override containsKey() as well as get(), otherwise it doesn’t even attempt to invoke get(). Now that is fixed in SVN and I am nearing the first public release of Canyon.


Canyon: JSR-223

Canyon is my implementation of the concepts behind various kinds of XML-based application interface tools (XAML, Flash MXML, ZK, etc).
Canyon started off as a way to describe Echo2 (http://echo.nextapp.com) applications using XML bound together with Groovy (http://groovy.codehaus.org) scripts.
Recently I’ve been working on refactoring Canyon to support multiple widget libraries (Echo2, Cooee, Echo3, Swing, SWT, etc) and JSR-223 (aka javax.script) instead of just Groovy. Currently canyon and its bits are available on Sourceforge SVN (http://sourceforge.net/projects/canyon).

I promise I will hopefully get a half-way decent site for all these projects of mine and create some sort of community going.