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WARShield: Java webapp setup wizard framework

Well, the title is a mouthful, but it says it all.
I am working on a small generic framework for implementing setup wizards in Java WAR applications.

My requirements/features are as follows:

  • store configuration information in a sensible, environment-dependent location (e.g. ~/.java under Unix/Linux, Application Data under Windows, ~/Library, etc
  • XML-based wizard descriptor
  • allow any kind of Java view technology (JSP, Velocity, etc)
  • validation for each step in the wizard both via a user-supplied class or via a javax.script-supported script
  • no external dependencies apart from slf4j
  • obviously available via Maven

Currently the code is embedded in another side-project of mine (a Time Tracker application), but I plan to extrapolate it and make it available under an MIT license as soon as it”s robust enough and not so rough as it is now… 🙂