My Projects

This is a list of open-source projects on which I am working, or have worked on in the past.


  • Cassandra Connection Pool: a connection pool for managing Cassandra Thrift connections in a sane way
  • Infinispan: a distributed cache. I have implemented a Cassandra CacheStore
  • Amanuensis: a distributed IndexWriter for Infinispan Lucene Directory
  • Canyon: a Java framework built on top of the Echo library for quickly building AJAX applications using XML and any scripting language supported by Java’s javax.scripting
  • Catwalk: a Java annotation processor for automatically generating derived domain model classes
  • Cohesive: a Java library for parsing and exporting CSV files which uses an event-driven paradigm
  • Dataforte Commons: a library of disparate utility classes for Java
  • Doorkeeper: a simple authentication and authorization framework
  • WarShield: a Java framework for building installers for J2EE web applications
  • Too-OneBee: a Java library and web application for inspecting the innards of a J2EE application servers via a variety of tools (JMX and JNDI browsers, Session inspectors, scripting, etc)
  • Jira OSUser automatic LDAP provider: a user provider for Jira which enables integration of Jira with Active Directory, OpenLDAP and other LDAP directories


  • SANE: an API and drivers for using scanners under Linux/Unix
  • Exult: a reimplementation for modern operating systems of the engine that powered Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Ultima VII Part 2: Serpent Isle
  • Wine: a reimplementation of the Windows API to allow Windows applications to run under Linux/Unix
  • GNOME: the Free Software Desktop Project

4 thoughts on “My Projects”

  1. Hello Tristan,
    Is an update for the Cassandra cache loader forthcoming. The current version I have is not compatable with v0.7 of Cassandra. I also see they have upgraded from Thrift to Avro.

  2. Hi Dave,

    yes, I have already completed the cassandra-connection-pool work for Cassandra 0.7, and hopefully you’ll be able to just force a higher dependency on this for Infinispan 4.2.x to work. Infinispan 5.0 will include this.
    Also, although the Cassandra devs initially thought of moving to Avro, this will not be further pursued and the future (for now) is still Thrift.

  3. Tristan –

    Any chance you’ll be updating your Jira OSUser automatic LDAP provider plugin for Jira 4.4?


    –Jay Mumper

  4. I’d love to, but I don’t know if it would be possible now that Jira has migrated to a Crowd-based mechanism and has dropped osuser entirely…

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