Infinispan Cassandra CacheStore

Since my previous post about the Cassandra Connection Pool, I have been progressing on another project: a Cassandra CacheStore for Infinispan.
I have published on my personal SVN repository the initial source for this CacheStore, get it at:

If you use Maven, add my repository to your settings.xml or to your repository manager (Nexus, Artifactory, etc):

which contains all required dependencies.

See the tests available under src/test for examples on how to setup an Infinispan cache backed up to a Cassandra database and how a Lucene InfinispanDirectory can take advantage of both systems.

I am working on rearranging things for potential inclusion in the main Infinispan package, so some things may change (package names). Also key expiration is not as efficient as I would like, but release early, release often is good practice, so there 🙂


3 thoughts on “Infinispan Cassandra CacheStore”

  1. Yes, that was my private repo. The Cassandra CacheStore is now part of the official Infinispan distribution since 4.2.0.

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